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I felt like death today, so I made some Mark Lanegan icons :D
*reuploaded to photobucket, hoefully the links won't break this time!

When the Lord made me, he made a ramblin' man )
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Today! The Damnwells release their new record One Last Century! FREE, in case you missed that part.


Download it! Even if you only think you might like it! It's FREE, what have you got to lose? Tell your friends to download it, if there's any chance they might like it! Let's give the Paste servers so many hits it literally starts smoking.
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So while I waited anxiously the last couple weeks for Cardinology, I killed a little time makin' some graffixxxxxxx.

39 Ryan Adams *& Cardinals!* icons

Icon party up in HERE! )

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In celebration of Foggy's return: more Ryan icons!

Artsies, wheee! )

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In a fit of utter, rampant boredom, I did some artses! And since I couldn't bear to change my layout again just yet, 11 icons of that great loveable geek, D R Adams under here! )

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Iconsies! I've usually got such a short attention span when it comes to making a bunch of icons from one subject, so I don't usually do batches, but I've been so bored this week, and y'know, I don't really get tired of these guys.

--17 Delays icons

Into the deep, that's where we'll go... )
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